COMING UP


Our Vision for Bible Baptist Church is to be “A Church With A Purpose.”  Our purpose and passion is to see the whole world come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.  We carry out that vision locally when we show the truth of the gospel to our community by lifting up Jesus Christ and the power of His death, burial and resurrection.  We are committed to challenge every born again believer to follow after Jesus Christ and build their homes on the truth of God’s Word.  Our church desires to help develop your life and home through powerful, passionate, God centered preaching.  It is also our vision to see young Christians nurtured and taught the Word of God through discipleship training.  When our young adults mature in the Lord we ask that God would use them in our church to bring honor and glory to His name.  We are praying as a church that God would call those He chooses to surrender their lives to be pastors and missionaries.  Finally, we are praying fervently that God will give us the direction and resources to see other churches started out of Bible Baptist Church.