Coronavirus News and Updates

3-28-2020 Update

Dear BBC members,

The virus has officially made it to Ector county. We have been researching and making calls, and have come to the conclusion that this is far more dangerous than we had previously anticipated. We love and care for the people of our church, and we desire to keep you safe and healthy. With all of this in mind, through much prayer and thought, we have made the very difficult decision to go solely to live streaming our services until further notice. This is not the route we wanted to go, nor do we consider it an ideal situation. However, we have a duty to protect and look out for the people of our church and community. We strongly advise that you follow the government’s instructions and stay isolated from other people for the time being. Please, DO NOT use this as an opportunity to fall away from the Lord! Read your Bible, pray, and virtually attend the services. Make phone calls to encourage one another! This is going to be a critical trial of our faith. Continue to follow the Lord and trust his Word. Please pass this information around. If you know members who don’t have social media, call or text them. Let them know how to tune in and watch. Thanks you so much, for your support and understanding during this time.

3-24-2020 Update

Dear BBC Members,

As promised we have been closely monitoring the situation day by day. As this virus progresses we will continue to keep you updated on the decisions of our church. As of this writing, we have been made aware of new information in the severity and progression of COVID-19 in the United States. It is getting worse, therefore more precautions are going to be in place; the pastoral staff will be at the church preaching, singing and worshiping the Lord this coming Wednesday the 25th. Those who are 60+ years old we very strongly urge to PLEASE STAY HOME. Your health is the most at risk through this ordeal. Do not put yourself in harm’s way. Those who are young and healthy understand this, you are under NO OBLIGATION to be here. It is YOUR DECISION whether or not to come to church. Bible Baptist Church WILL NOT be liable for the health and wellness of those who decide to attend. All services will be live streamed via Facebook, and recordings of all services will be available on our website. Please remember to TITHE during this time regardless of your attendance. God richly desires to bless you in spite of the circumstances we find ourselves in (Luke6:38). Tithe is a command of God that is not any less important than church attendance. Feel free to mail your tithes and offerings in to the church and we will make sure they are received properly. Please understand that we are doing absolutely everything we can to honor and worship God as well as respecting the mandates and wishes of the government. We are in constant prayer daily, and we ask that each of you be doing the same. Pray for our country, or world and our church.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Pastor Shipman (432-231-6501) or Pastor House (432-257-1631)

3-19-2020 Update

Dear BBC members, Regarding the coronavirus, we are taking steps to insure the safety of our church. We have, and will continue to sanitize and disinfect all touch-points and frequently used surfaces. We have set up hand sanitizing stations throughout the church that we insist everyone use constantly. All non-essential activities have been cancelled to prevent prolonged unnecessary exposure to large groups. If you are sick, prone to sickness, have a weak immune system, are elderly or in general feel you may be at risk do not come to church. We understand the need to keep yourself out of harm’s way. If you desire to come and practice social distancing (no handshakes, hugs, and generally keeping your distance from others) please indicate that desire and it will be respected with no judgment whatsoever. It is up to the leader of each family individually to make decisions on church attendance and interaction while attending. The pastoral staff does not take this virus lightly. We are monitoring the situation on a Daily Basis. We love each and every one of you and desire to keep you safe. However, what needs to be understood through all of this, is that God’s Word should always take precedence over mans.  This church will never sway or be moved from the duties that God clearly states in the Bible. Thank you for being understanding and faithful during this time.


If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact Pastor House (432-257-1631) or Pastor Shipman (432-231-6501)