Prayer & Praise

Health Requests:

Robert Peevy's dad

Bernard Family

Crystal's friend Dale-Cancer

Bro House's Grandfather-

Lung disease

Ann's aunt Elsie- Lung cancer

Venna's uncle Al-Lung cancer

Mickey Oliff

Kathy's brother Billy-Hip and 

leg pain

Angie's uncle Gary- General 


Carroll's friend Bruce Randall-

Liver cancer

Angie-Mass in her chest & 

ear infection

Lois- Colon and breast cancer

Salvation Request:

Carol Wilson (dad)--Barney

Angie Baldwin - Dad--Clay

Angie Baldwin - grandpa

Tish - husband--Ceaser


Ann Gabriel bro in-law--Josh

David Burton


Ms. Karen's granddaughter--




Fred Williams

Byrd's Granddaughter-Bailey

April's Friend-James



Daily Requests:

Bible Baptist Church


1. Members    2. Spiritual

Pastor Shipman's Family


Pastor House's Family


Bro Cameron & Mary 

Our missionaries.

Our President

Our Country  

COVID-19 Recovery