It seems just like a few days ago that I was setting in that church service listening to my pastor preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I heard the Word of God preached before, but there was something about this message that was errantly different than any other time I was able to hear the Bible preached. In that moment the scripture came alive within my heart and filled me with a sense of loneliness I had never experienced before that day. Being exposed to the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ brought me to the realization that I did not have the Holy Spirit alive within my heart. What followed that moment of despair, was a God-given opportunity in which I knew that I could not let pass me by. With the conviction of the Holy Spirit I made a choice to walk the isle and accept Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. After the service I stood in front of the church rejoicing over my salvation, and in an instant, another moment of despair came over my soul. The Holy Spirit brought to my attention the friend that lived down the street. In my mind I was thinking he was going to die without knowing the same Jesus that just saved me.

How can anyone experience the same salvation moment as I did, and not be convinced that people need the Lord? Is it possible that the church herself has lost the Holy Spirit conviction to tell the world about the saving grace of our everlasting Saviour? Have the people of the church been so far removed from the day that Jesus Christ came into their heart, that they push aside the responsibility to present the gospel to every person in the world? Let us never forget what Jesus told them in Mark 16:15 “And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.”

Our attitude toward those that are unsaved are a direct reflection of the leadership of the Holy Spirit in our lives. If the Holy Spirit truly has preeminence in His church, then she will have a desire for souls to be saved and have a spiritual appetite for Missions. It has been said by pastor’s with strong resolve, “Missions is the heartbeat of the church.” May the people of God’s church never forget that those without Christ are our focus and winning them to Jesus Christ is our eternal purpose. The good news is my friend did come to know Jesus as his personal Saviour and I was the one that was able to present the gospel to him. To me it is amazing how that the Holy Spirit can lead us to be soul conscious if we would but yield to His will. Having A Church With A Purpose means our Purpose is to be Missions Minded.

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